Our Wellington private investigations are conducted with the highest level of discretion and professionalism by qualified former police detectives.

We use modern technology and the latest investigative techniques to complete all investigation assignments with formidable expertise. Every assignment we carry out is treated with strict confidentiality and the utmost sensitivity.

The Neill Group (TNG) - Licensed Private Investigators - Wellington - New Zealand

As Wellington’s longest established licensed private investigator and former certified fraud examiner, Dion Neill has over three decades of experience investigating theft, fraud and dishonesty. Injury and disability insurance claims can amount to substantial amounts of money which sometimes requires validation before any compensation is made to ensure the correct entitlement.

In the late 1980’s, Dion was one of the first licensed private investigators in New Zealand to carry out investigation assignments on behalf of the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). Dion has successfully investigated hundreds of insurance claims and detected fraudulent activity by claimants.

We can assist you to confirm the validity of insurance claims or to investigate if a claimant is misrepresenting the facts – when you needs evidence and facts for additional context during verification of a claim, please contact us.

We offer corporate and commercial clients comprehensive investigation services to gather evidence and safeguard business interests.

We understand how important it is to be aware of privacy breaches regarding clients, we investigate with professionalism, keeping your brand, assets, people and information safe.

Our highly-experienced and qualified investigators in Wellington can assist you with any concerns, including theft, fraud, criminal activity or general misconduct cases.

We operate a team with private investigators who have psychology degrees and legal qualifications. Our team of Wellington and nationwide private investigators are skilled in obtaining evidence, being impartial and working through challenging issues in a fair, balanced and empathetic manner.

Fraud inside a business or organisation frequently occurs through poor internal processes, this allows a window of opportunity for people in positions of trust to carry out offending such as theft or fraud.

Do you suspect your family member, partner or employee maybe using excessive alcohol, taking drugs or illegal substances? Alcohol and drug abuse is known to be the source of criminal activity and the foundation of anti-social behaviour.

Is someone in your life a possible victim of physical or psychological abuse? Our private investigators will provide the evidence to help protect you and your loved ones. The factual evidence provided by our private investigators are often used for the basis of a complaint to the police.

Covert surveillance is a common element as part of many investigation services, including commercial investigations, insurance fraud investigations and the investigation of suspected infidelity (cheating partners).

Covert surveillance is a very powerful tool used in investigations where evidence is obtained in order to secure prosecutions – substantial intelligence is often gained from surveillance operations.

The Neill Group (TNG) - Covert Surveillance for Fraud, Theft & Cheating Partners in New Zealand

We conduct surveillance for a range of matters, including:

  • Suspected infidelity (cheating partners)
  • Child custody disputes and sensitive domestic matters
  • Corporate crime – employee or contractor misconduct
  • Injury, disability or general insurance claims

Some people intentionally go missing because of illnesses like anxiety and depression. Others go missing when they become a victim of a crime.

Our qualified and licensed private investigators are resourceful, we use a range of proven investigative techniques like field visits along with online data mining to gather information on a person’s whereabouts.

Depending on how much information you have, and how long they have been gone, locating missing persons can be much faster than you may think.

In many cases, contacting us and making use of our networks, contacts and databases will help you find the person in question faster than you would expect.

Other cases can be more challenging – when a missing persons case is not a simple database job, it can take significantly more effort to find them. This is especially true if an individual wishes to remain hidden. We have an excellent track record of successfully locating missing people.

We are instructed by legal firms to investigate infringements of branding, international copyright and trade mark patents along with the unauthorised use of logos and theft of intellectual property.

Dion Neill has personally carried out trade mark and I.P. investigations for a number of leading brands, including: Adidas, Armani, Microsoft, Nike, Playboy and Sony PlayStation.