Protecting Assets, People & Reputations Since 1987!


Protective Services Limited is a Wellington based private security, personal protection and risk management company founded on the three pinnacles of quality, professionalism and service excellence.

With over three decades of experience, Protective Services is now the preferred supplier to a growing number of clients operating in the film, hospitality and entertainment sectors. 

Protective Services are committed to only engaging professionally trained security officers (licensed security guards), personal protection officers (commonly referred to as bodyguards) and risk management consultants selected exclusively from the military, law enforcement and emergency services. 

The team at Protective Services are vetted by the New Zealand Police and licensed by the Ministry of Justice – Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (Company Security Licence Number: 20-069511).

Protective Services Limited has been granted the use of the New Zealand Made Trade Mark as a trusted mark of authenticity. 


Our Team

Dion Neill was tasked in the late 1980’s to protect a business owner from serious threats of violence, this assignment was the catalyst for Dion to launch Protective Services. Dion has worked within international high-risk environments, he personally managed the security for a New Zealand sports team playing in South Africa.

Dion also established two security and private investigation businesses. The security business was later acquired by Group 4 Security (G4S). A few years later, Dion accepted a senior management position with G4S, he was responsible for over 200 operational security staff.

Dion has received extensive training in the use of military weapons, close quarter combat, self defence (including krav maga) along with an advanced level of pre-hospital emergency care. Dion is a recipient of the Defence Service Medal, St John Service Medal and Long Service Award from the Wellington Free Ambulance.

Dion is a former certified fraud examiner with a number of recognised credentials in security, personal protection and private investigations, including a diploma of security and risk management along with a certificate in investigation skills from the Royal New Zealand Police College.

Each member of the Protective Services team is carefully vetted and background screened. Our pre-employment background process includes credit checks, criminal record checks and vulnerable sector checks. 

Protective Services only engages highly-trained security professionals to provide clients with a diverse range of security, personal protection and risk management solutions in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. 



Our security professionals are not only our ambassadors but yours too. 

Our people play such a pivotal part in our business so we take care to recruit people with the credentials, experience and skill set to suit the requirements of our clients. 

Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of security means clients can focus on getting the job done without risk to their assets or people. 


Training & Development 

Protective Services training protocols exceed those of any other security company in the region.

All of our licensed Security Guards receive formal private security and protective services related training.


Operational Deployment 

Our pre-deployment briefing covers all relevant policies, procedures and relevant safety issues, this document is a combination of both written and verbal expectations of our clients. 


Client Meetings

We meet regularly with our clients to ensure all aspects of our operation are exceeding their expectations. This is also the opportunity for transparent communication between both parties, 



Our security professionals must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to deployment on any operational assignment. Trust is an important element of client relationships, our people understand the seriousness of breaching this agreement.


Quality Assurance

Protective Services has invested in developing and maintaining a quality assurance management system based on recognised best practice.

Our objective is to provide clients with bespoke security services that allow their business or organisation to operate safely, securely and efficiently.


Protective Services Limited are licensed by the Ministry of Justice – Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority and approved by the New Zealand Police.

Protective Services are licensed in New Zealand as:

Property Guards, Personal Guards, Crowd Controllers, Monitoring Officers, Private Investigators, Security Consultants and Repossession Agents.  



Dion Neill was a foundation and executive member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators (NZIPI) until his resignation in 2020.

Dion is a current member of the following professional security and investigation organisations:

  • ASIS International
  • World Association of Detectives
  • New Zealand Security Association



Protective Services has been selected as one of PartiesAndCelebrations websites most popular party and event services.


Community Support

The Neill Group and Protective Services proudly supports a number of community based charities, including:

St John, Starship, Life Flight Trust, Wellington Free Ambulance and Ronald McDonald House. Dion Neill is a volunteer first responder with over 40 years of service to St John, GoodSAM and the Wellington Free Ambulance.


International Alliances 

We have established international alliances with experts and partners in the private security sector. Our alliance partners allow us to meet our clients’ needs irrespective of location, we provide an optimum solution to our clients’ needs anywhere in the world. 

Wellington GuardHire 

Protective Services launched GuardHire in Wellington to satisfy demands in the market for a reliable, accountable and professional security guard provider.

Our highly-trained team of Security Professionals will protect your assets, people, information and infrastructure. Your facilities require special attention? We take care of the protection and security of your business premises or commercial facilities.


Personal Protection

Protective Services offers a range of executive and personal protection. Executive and personal protection is a specialised area within the security market.

In today’s society, corporate executives face mounting threats of extortion, retaliation and public embarrassment.

Corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats and high profile public figures are increasingly at risk from individuals and groups seeking to harass, injure or to promote their cause. 

Our protection services address the risks faced by individuals, their family and their business or organisation. 



Executive Transport & Security Trained Drivers

Our transport team are trained, police vetted and NZTA licensed professional drivers.

We can access immaculately presented high-quality European motor vehicles. A number of our VIP and executive drivers are also trained in providing close personal protection and are licensed as security guards.

Our vehicle fleet enables us to transport 1 to 12 people in style with motor vehicles ranging from a Mustang V8 convertible to 5 series BMW’s and a large Mercedes Benz luxury coach.


Photo: Protective Services was contracted to provide security trained drivers and security operational support to Elton John in New Zealand since 2005. 


Maritime Security

Thanks to our maritime security concepts, we reduce existing threats and offer efficient protection against activities of criminal groups, including pirates within international waters.

A number of our team are currently deployed on vessels operating in known areas that are under threat.




Court Escorts

A client may be requested to attend court hearings and could be concerned about possible hostile encounters; we can provide protective measures to ensure their safety.


Travel Security 

We can escort clients whilst travelling to any international or domestic destination. On arrival, we will liaise with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing maximum support for the client’s protection.


Risk Management 

Protective Services are Wellington and nationwide risk management specialists to the private, corporate and government sectors

Our risk management consultants can provide a contingency plan for any size business to manage all types of emergencies from natural disasters to civil unrest, or even the kidnapping of the company’s senior executive.


Security Consulting  

We are pleased to put our knowledge of security equipment at your disposal. We provide an extensive security consulting service.

Protective Services will review your current business or organisations security arrangements.

We provide independent security consulting and risk management services in Wellington and throughout New Zealand.