Are you searching for a security guard or security provider in Wellington? Prosec members can help.


Prosec delivers a fresh, innovative and service driven approach to security. The skill set and experience of Prosec members are above the capabilities of a security guard. Prosec members are carefully vetted, we only allow security professionals with a proven skill set and operational experience to join our network.

Prosec is New Zealand's only network of independent security professionals. Prosec members are committed to raising the benchmark of New Zealand's private security industry, one assignment at a time. Prosec members provide clients with a range of services to ensure your event, function or film production is always secure.

Have you seen us working?

You may have seen our members working, our members take a grey man approach, which means they operate discreetly in the shadows to respect the privacy of their clients.

Prosec members can be presented in a formal suit or professional uniform without branding but clearly identifiable as 'security'. Our members are sourced from the defence forces and law enforcement sector (including specialists units).

Security licensing   

Prosec members comply with the New Zealand Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

Prosec members are independent providers of private security, personal protection and risk management services with their own security licence or certificate of approval issued by the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA).

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