Our core business is to secure and protect your people, assets, events, venues and infrastructure.


Protective Services is a privately owned and operated New Zealand security company with over three decades of operational experience. Protective Services are New Zealand police approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority to provide a range of services, including security guarding, personal protection and security risk management.  

You can trust our team to deliver gold standard security, personal protection and security risk management tailored to your needs every time in Wellington, New Zealand or worldwide. GuardHire by Protective Services is our uniformed security guard division, launched to satisfy an increased demand in the Wellington market for a reliable, accountable and cost-effective security guard provider.

We only recruit the very best licensed security personnel who are highly-skilled, professionally trained and operationally experienced. 

We work hard to ensure that our licensed security personnel in Wellington and throughout New Zealand are able to effectively assimilate with your business or organisations culture, processes and procedures. Every member of our team is carefully vetted, pre-employment screened and undergoes rigorous training beyond the governments mandatory requirements.  

Our team are a pivotal part of our business, so we have taken special care to recruit the very best people. The security guards you hire from us are professionally trained with verifiable skills, operational experience and most importantly, the right attitude. We appreciate that our people have to be compatible with our clients, so our security guards, security consultants, crowd controllers and personal protection officers are carefully selected to reflect your culture.

We are New Zealand's first socially-sustainable licensed provider of security, personal protection and risk management services.

Our many years of experience working alongside mainstream security guard companies prompted us to offer clients a fresh, innovative and service-centric value proposition. The growth and positive reputation of our business has been driven by repeat business from clients who have experienced our ability to deliver security across a myriad of industry sectors and challenging environments.

We are challenging the security industry status quo and are committed to changing the perception of security guards by delivering cost-effective security without compromising our professionalism and quality of our services. We have also added a social and moral layer of ethical practices into our business model, making us New Zealand's first socially-sustainable provider of security, personal protection and security risk management. 


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With over three decades of operational experience, we have a strong reputation for our professionalism and delivery of security, personal protection and security risk management services. Our company name, originating in Wellington has become synonymous with the local security market, we have expanded our end to end range of services to include GuardHire, high-calibre security guards in Wellington, New Zealand.

Founder and managing director, Dion Neill trained extensively with former police officers, military specialists and intelligence specialists. Dion's career began with a period of service in the defence forces, followed by training at the Royal New Zealand Police College, where he gained a Certificate in Investigation Skills. Dion has also been certified as a fraud examiner, he also achieved a Diploma of Security and Risk Management along with other credentials.

Protective Services was built on a solid foundation of delivering the highest-level of private security services in New Zealand.

Dion was a senior manager with Group 4 Security (now G4S) until the business was acquired by Armourguard. In this role, he was responsible for a large security team and managed several guarding contracts. In 1987, Dion was assigned to protect a prominent Wellington business owner from serious threats of violence. This assignment was the catalyst for Dion to launch Protective Services and further develop his interest in high-level security

Dion is a strong advocate for raising the benchmark of professional standards and service delivery within the security industry. You're in very safe hands! Dion and his associates have worked as private security contractors in some of the world’s most volatile regions, including Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. Dion personally managed the security for a New Zealand sports team on tour in South Africa.

We deliver recognised best practice service to private, commercial and government clients who demand the very best in security. 

Are you Google searching for 'Wellington security guards' or 'New Zealand security guards'? When looking for a 'security guard provider' or 'security guards' in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or any where in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. Always ask to see referrals, certifications and recognised qualifications.

From casual or short-term assignments to more permanent contracts, we can deliver a security, personal protection and security risk management solution to exceed your expectations. Our carefully-vetted security personnel, including security guards are approved by the New Zealand police and licensed by the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority.

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Ethics, Integrity & Professional Conduct
We operate with a strict code of ethics, integrity and professional conduct. 


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