Wellington Investigations by Dion Neill, Wellington Private Investigator – New Zealand

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Wellington Investigations by Dion Neill, Wellington Private Investigator – New Zealand Dion Neill is the founder of Code 1, The Neill Group and Protective Services. Dion is one of New Zealand’s most experienced field agents, process servers, private investigators, security professionals and risk management consultants. In 2001, Dion co-founded and managed Wellington Investigations Limited before embarking on his own journey. … Read More

Who engages Wellington security guards and why

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Professional Security

Who engages security guards and why? Typically a security guard will provide business and commercial clients with a physical security service beyond the capability of CCTV and cameras. CCTV requires real-time monitoring by human eyes, someone needs to watch the cameras, right? Shopping complex’s, retail stores, and commercial businesses, all require security guards, a physical security presence. Can you imagine … Read More

March 2021 – Assault in Blair Street, Wellington by Pavali Logovae who did not have a certificate of approval to work in the security industry.

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Bouncer filmed stomping on the head of man has worked for years without the appropriate licence, despite a warning and police objections The bouncer who stomped on the head of a man outside a Wellington bar never held the required licence for the job and received a formal warning in 2014 for working without one. The Department of Internal Affairs … Read More

You are the new team leader! Now what?

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The first thing you should do is pop your ego! there’s no room for ego in your new role. Remember when you helped the same people on your team because you shared the same passion? Nothing has changed except you are now their leader, remember how you felt being on the team, looking up to your leader for inspiration, take … Read More

Security professional or just a labourer in a security guard’s uniform?

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When I look at the security manpower landscape in New Zealand, I often think the words, security and professional should not be in the same sentence. The security guarding industry is driven by the dollar, not quality or professionalism, the importance of winning a security contract at any cost often erodes margin. We have a labour-hire company providing security guards, … Read More

Security expert reveals bouncer involved with Wellington bar assault was not certificated

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Wellington security company owner, licensed security consultant and private investigator Dion Neill has proof that the crowd controller involved with the Boston on Blair assault didn’t hold a current certificate of approval. These certificates are issued by the private security personnel licensing authority (PSPLA), administered by the Ministry of Justice. All security guards, crowd controllers and private investigators who are … Read More