protective services is a leading new zealand security provider 

Do you need reliable, experienced, professionally-trained and licensed security guards? You’ve come to the right website.

Dion Neill founded Protective Services on the values of quality, professionalism and service excellence. Protective Services is now a leading provider of high-calibre security guards, security consultants, crowd controllers and personal protection officers (bodyguards) in Wellington and throughout New Zealand.

We take your security requirements to the next level, we continue to challenge the security industry's status quo by raising the benchmark for service delivery and professional standards. Our many years of experience working alongside mainstream security companies prompted us to offer clients a fresh, innovative and service-centric value proposition. 

When we established our business, we made our priority quality over quantity. We have intentionally taken a slow course of calculated growth, our concerns were having a large guard force may result in a dilution of our brand, standards and consistency. Our philosophy is simple, "high quality". Our entire business model revolves around these two words. From our recruitment processes to our client relationships "high quality" remains our focus. 

Our team are a pivotal part of our business, so we have taken special care to recruit the best security personnel who are professionally trained with verifiable skills, operational experience and, most importantly, the right attitude. We appreciate that our people need to be compatible with your brand or company, so they are carefully selected to reflect your culture.

Protective services sercurity guard
Protective services sercurity guard

Protective services sercurity guard

Our business is to provide the highest level of security for people, assets, events, venues and infrastructure. 

GuardHire by Protective Services provides uniformed high-calibre security guards. GuardHire was launched to satisfy demand in the Wellington market for a reliable, accountable and cost-effective security guard provider. Close personal protection and executive security services are delivered by professionally trained security personnel who are selected exclusively from specialist units of the defence forces and law enforcement sector.

Are you Google searching for 'Wellington security guards' or 'New Zealand security guards'? When looking for a 'security guard provider' or 'security guards' in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or any where in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. Always ask to see your security providers licence, client references and recognised qualifications.

Please do not rely on Google reviews, we have established a number of our competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases and fictitious online identities. Google reviews can also be purchased from search engine optimisation and various marketing companies.

Protective Services is a market leading security company owned and operated by New Zealanders. 


Our story

Dion Neill, our founder and managing director is one of New Zealand's most experienced security professionals. Following a period of service in the New Zealand defence forces, Dion received extensive training by former military specialists, senior police officers and government intelligence operatives.

In 1987, Dion was assigned to protect a prominent Wellington business owner from serious threats of violence. This high-risk assignment was the catalyst for Dion to launching Protective Services and allowed Dion to further develop his skills in providing high-level security.

Dion is a respected pioneer of the New Zealand security industry. He was influential in changing the governments licensing and training requirements for private security personnel. Dion is a strong advocate for raising the level of professionalism and service delivery within the industry. 

You're in very safe hands! Dion and his associates have worked as private security contractors in the world's most volatile regions, including Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. Dion personally managed the security for a New Zealand sports team on tour in South Africa. 

Quality assurance

We have invested in a quality assurance management system based on internationally recognised best practice. 

Client confidentiality

Our security professionals must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to deployment on any security assignment. 

Government licensed

Licensed by the Ministry of Justice as property guards, personal guards, crowd controllers, monitoring officers, private Investigators, security consultants and repossession agents.


Community support

We are committed to paying it forward by supporting a number of charities and community based organisations, including St John, GoodSAM, Flashlight and Wellington Free Ambulance.

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New Zealand made 

We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  Protective Services Limited is approved and authorised to use the 'New Zealand Made' trade mark as a trusted mark of authenticity. 


Our memberships

We support and contribute to our industry in New Zealand and worldwide. We are members of ASIS International, World Association of Detectives (WAD) and New Zealand Security Association (NZSA).

Image Image Member of the N Security Association