A number of our private investigators are former detectives, police officers and intelligence specialists who are trained to understand law breakers and think outside the square.


Our New Zealand-wide private investigators and surveillance operatives have a unique skill set, including significant front line operational experience. 

In 1987, Dion Neill worked as a member of a large surveillance and investigation team. His evidence was critical in the successful conviction of more than 20 offenders in the High Court of New Zealand (Dion famously survived cross-examination by the late Mike Bungay QC).

In the same time period, Dion was one of the first private investigators in New Zealand contracted to provide fraud-related investigation assignments on behalf of the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). 

In 1998, Dion was certified as a fraud examiner. He attended the Royal New Zealand Police College and was awarded a Certificate in Investigation Skills.

Dion has achieved a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia) along with a number of other internationally recognised credentials in security, investigations and security risk management.

In addition to being a foundation and former executive member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators (NZIPI). Dion is a current member of ASIS International, World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.) and the New Zealand Security Industry Association (NZSA). 

A number of our regional based private investigators and surveillance specialists are former police detectives and police officers with decades of front line experience investigating private, criminal and commercial matters.

Our people act within the law and adhere to a strict code of professional ethics. We always operate with the highest level of integrity, discretion and confidentiality.

Covert surveillance is one of our specialised investigative services. For this we utilise the experience, credentials and unique skill set of a former intelligence officer.

Our objective is to reveal the truth and deliver the facts so you can make an informed decision without speculation or a lengthy game of deception.

We are highly proficient with investigating suspected dishonesty in a personal or business relationship. We are resourceful and utilise an extensive worldwide network of contacts, resources and confidential informants.

Not all security providers and private investigators in Wellington or New Zealand are equal.

Is your security provider or private investigator licensed? If you are in doubt, please visit Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA).

Before you employ a security provider or private investigator, we suggest you ask to see their security or private investigators licence (please note, a certificate of approval is not a licence).

Are you searching Google or the internet for a 'private investigator Wellington', 'private investigator Auckland' or 'private investigator Christchurch'? When looking for a PI (private investigator) in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. 

We also suggest you do not rely on Google reviews, we have established a number of our competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain credibility and the confidence of prospective clients.

Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases. Google reviews can also be purchased from SEO and online marketing companies. 


Investigations by Wellington's leading private investigator

Dion Neill is Wellington's longest serving licensed private investigator and security professional. 

Dion Neill and his Wellington team are supported by a New Zealand-wide network of operationally experienced former detectives and police officers with extensive security, investigation and surveillance skills. 

Dion's personal contacts, sources and confidential informants has allowed him to successfully resolve investigations and complex  field assignments since 1987.  

As well as being a former Certified Fraud Examiner. Dion has a number of internationally recognised credentials, including a Certificate in Investigation Skills from the Royal New Zealand Police College. 

Corporate and commercial investigations

We offer corporate and commercial sector  clients a comprehensive investigation service for gathering evidence, collecting intelligence and safeguarding their business interests.

As a client, you are our first priority, safeguarding your reputation and recovering your losses is one of our key objectives. We are used to obtain factual information and evidential statements from staff, offenders, witnesses and other people of interest. 

We also provide a nationwide pre-employment staff vetting service. It's a critical step in the recruitment process so you know more about who you are employing, as well as their credit, criminal and employment history. 

New Zealand and worldwide tracing service 

We have a proven track record of locating missing people in New Zealand and anywhere in the world!

Clients engage us to locate missing debtors, defendants and family members. Our private investigators are very resourceful at tracing and finding missing people.

Our missing person specialists use a range of proven tracing and investigative techniques, including data mining and the use of confidential informants to gather information on a person’s whereabouts.

Depending on how much information you have, and how long they have been gone, locating  a missing person can be much faster than you may think.

Drug, substance and psychological abuse investigations

Do you suspect your partner, family member or employee is consuming excessive alcohol, taking drugs or illegal substances?

Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol are known to be a foundation of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

Not only do we investigate drug, alcohol and substance abuse cases, we also investigate cyber (internet) bullying and harassement.

Is someone in your life a victim of physical or psychological abuse? We have decades of experience mitigating and managing risk.

We can help protect you or your family in Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand. 


Sensitive personal and relationship  investigations

Is your ex-spouse or partner harassing you or not adhering to a court order?

We carry out inquiries regarding child custody issues and sensitive domestic matters (e.g. a parent not adhering to a court order or carrying out harassment type activities).

Are you concerned about your child or a member of the family who is keeping bad company? We provide a range of investigation services relating to the safety and wellbeing of young people.

We combine surveillance and proven investigative methods to detect unlawful acts and anti-social behaviour. Our private investigators work undercover, both physically and electronically, using social media. 

Fraud, theft and dishonesty investigations

Dion Neill was certified as a fraud examiner. He is an expert at detecting and investigating a wide range of dishonesty offences.

The evidence provided by our private investigators is often used for the basis of a complaint to the police.

Fraud and theft inside a business or organisation frequently occurs because poor internal processes provide windows of opportunity. These weaknesses allow people in positions of trust to carry out offences such as theft or fraud.

As the experts in detecting and investigating suspected dishonesty within a private or business relationship, you can be confident we will uncover the truth and report the facts. 

Electronic and physical surveillance operations

We have a team of highly-trained surveillance operatives with decades of experience working in sensitive environments.

Covert surveillance is a common element in criminal investigations, private investigations, insurance investigations and the investigation of suspected infidelity (cheating partners).

Covert surveillance is a powerful tool for gathering evidence that can be used to secure  prosecutions. 

Our significant experience has proven that a substantial amount of evidence and intelligence can be gained from surveillance operations.

Personal and motor vehicle insurance claim investigations

In the late 1980's, Dion Neill was one of the first private investigators to carry out investigation assignments on behalf of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Injury and disability insurance claims can amount to substantial amounts of money which sometimes requires validation before any compensation is made.

We can assist you to confirm the validity of insurance claims or to investigate a claimant who is suspected of misrepresentation.

Intellectual property (IP) and trade mark investigations

Our private investigators are instructed by legal firms to investigate infringement of branding, copyright and trade mark patents along with the unauthorized use of logos and theft of intellectual property.

Dion Neill has personally carried out investigations for several global companies, including:- Nike, Adidas, Armani, Microsoft, Playboy and Sony PlayStation.

We help you to safeguard the integrity of your brand or company reputation. Our high-level investigation and surveillance services are available in Wellington and throughout New Zealand.